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Dear Business Associates,


Zeb Pharma company’s T&C is as follows:

* Subject to AHMEDABAD Jurisdiction Only.

* Goods Once Sold Will not be taken back.

* Our Responsibility ceases as soon as the goods leaves our premises.

* Payment must be completed within Due Date otherwise 24% p.a. interest will be charged.

We would like to bring to your notice to take following precautions while accepting consignments dispatched by us through various transporters/couriers,etc:

1) The outward packing i.e. the drum received should be in a good condition without any damage. All packing material should be kept till all material are tested and passed.

2) The labels on the drums should be verified with the Invoice with regards make and batch no.

3) Seals-All materials are dispatched with seals. Either the seal shall be of manufacturer with their logo embossed or our seals with logo. In case of Chinese product, the seals are without logo.

4) Weight-Gross weight and Net weight should be as per labels.

5) Please ensure that responsible person take delivery of consignment who can take note of all these aspects. Any variations should be reported to us immediately so that we can arrange an insurance survey immediately in case the insurance is covered by us. We recommend that you have a rubber stamp with the following wordings “RECEIVED GOODS SUBJECT TO CHECKING & VERIFICATION” which should be affixed on all L/R’s/Courier receipts etc. while taking delivery of the goods so that the rights of recovery against the transporter/courier etc. are protected.

6) When any outward packing is found not to be in order a “NOTING” should be made in L/R /Courier Receipts etc. about the nature of problem seen. A Xerox copy of the L/R /Courier receipt with the noting should be kept for your record and also a copy should be faxed/email/courier for our necessary action. Nowadays, there is lot of Skilful Pilferage happening. Skilful Pilferage Is the case where at some stage of transportation, someone removes the seal skilfully and takes out same material and mix the product with other powders such as salt or any other substitution and then again put the seal back in such a way that it is apparently difficult to detect the pilferage done.

 In such a case following care should be taken :-

a) During taking delivery, in case the drums etc are received in outwardly unsound condition incl, prima facie tampering of the seal, immediate intimation to be given to us for arranging Insurance survey & a noting should be made on the L/R/Courier receipt. Such unsound drums etc should be opened ONLY in the presence of the Insurance Surveyors & sample testing & other assessment of loss should be done under the Surveyors instructions/supervision.

b) During unloading if drums are received in apparent sound condition with seals intact but on immediately opening the drums for sampling, testing or otherwise the loss or damage to the goods are noticed, such drums with the contents should be kept aside separately & immediate notice should be given to us for arranging the inspection by the Insurance surveyor. Such drums should be opened for detailed inspection & assessment of loss ONLY under the Surveyors instructions/supervision. Please also kindly note that the sampling, testing etc of the drums should be done immediately on delivery & from all the layers i.e.Top/Middle/Bottom of the drums.

Kindly note that for the purpose of Insurance Claims the observance of the above & precautions is absolutely essential as otherwise the Insurers will deny their liability if any Under the circumstances unless you follow the above precautions/advise we shall not be responsible/liable for honouring your any claim for loss/damage to the goods/materials dispatched by us.

*Zeb Pharma company has rights to change, alter, edit, delete, minimise or remove full &/or any part/text from the suppliers/manufacturers/distributors in there certificate or analysis (COA). This is applicable to any kind or materials which includes Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Excipients, Raw Materials, Intermediates, &/or Chemicals. You accept as party (Buyers/Salers) in this clause that this is to protect Zeb Pharma business rights and also to maintain business confidentiality between buyers and salers. Zeb Pharma company is not responsible or consider as counter party for any legal issues arise by the supplier/manufacturer/distributors for such alteration activity.

We look forward to your kind co-operation on the above & assuring you of our best services always.